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For PPT group, the theme this week is Pretty Pink Makeover

i used to be a tomboy....lived in my jeans & pants, hate to wear dresses, totally loathe anything to do with frills and lace....until i snagged myself a boyfriend....

then the transformation began.....i started to get in touch with my femininity, started to like more girly things, bought a few dresses here and there, and now i love frills and lace more than anything lol :P

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  1. sssealegs 72 months ago

    I love the concept. I was the same!

  2. nevona.friedman 72 months ago

    You're welcome to add this photo to the FANTASTIC HAIR :D group!

  3. John Barbs 71 months ago

    Wow! both shots are beautiful. but im more liking the tomboy look! I guess it seems more casual for me! the straps make it so sweet!

  4. Isaac L. 71 months ago

    Wow, you have so many comments already but i thought it was just to good not to comment on :)

    I'm doing a year long 52 photo project and i'm trying to show both my sides, not male/female but ying and yang type thing.

    Here is one of my daker side's shots.

  5. mina.k 71 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Portraits Of The Personality, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  6. *squall* 71 months ago

    This is an artistic feminine expression!!!
    Share it with us in:
     Art Is a Woman " Art Is a Woman "
    Tag the photo: ArtisaWoman

  7. paurian 70 months ago

    nice idea! I like that contrast in the backgrounds, too.

  8. ChelseaToner 70 months ago

    Hello, Kiwi_gal, I simply adore this picture, I love the transformation and the true inner beauty of both sides of the coin.
    I'd like to contact you with regards to the Tomboy photo. I know you are not releasing these photos for commercial reuse, but I really would like to use it as a reference. I thought I'd get permission first. If you'd like to e-mail me, that would be great.

    I can completely understand if you'd rather not let me use this picture.

    Thanks for your time. :)

  9. Maphi74 69 months ago

    Great Shot and a wonderful light

    Found in a search. (?)

  10. Blunkweems 69 months ago

    That is so pretty

  11. Francisco Sánchez 69 months ago

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Flickr Textures (Open voting - Photo of july), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  12. rustymarrow 67 months ago

    holy cows! nice pick!

  13. rebecca lopez 65 months ago

    This is beautiful. :)

  14. ice°sweet°colour [deleted] 65 months ago

    a good picture!!!! and a good song for it

  15. EmilyW13 [deleted] 64 months ago

    omg, ur so pweety, the pics so creative <3

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