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This is NOT my idea of fun

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Oh yes, I do so love it when my children want nothing to do with my camera.... *weary sigh* LOL.


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  1. Elizabeth Pellette ages ago | reply

    Thats awesome.. mine are the same way.. only I usually get the Phrase "get away from me mama" as she runs in the other direction and Nate.. he likes to wait til I am all focused and then he looks away or walks away.. laughing.. the older boys do cooperate more

  2. sesame ellis ages ago | reply

    heehee. i love the lean closer to the camera! he is getting his point across very well!

  3. inkyblack ages ago | reply

    really sweet!

  4. jane*w ages ago | reply

    I so admire all the creative shots you do. All of your photos tell such stories, even when it isn't the ones you were planning. They are, as always, technically wonderful too!

  5. allieS. ages ago | reply

    It's way better than a fakey awkward smile! I like it. And I love your black and white.

  6. *Kel* ages ago | reply

    This is priceless! I love the expressions on their faces! This is a really good shot. I do know how you feel though...I have days when I try to take photos of my son, and he just whines and fusses and than he proceeds to roll his little eyes at me...the sad thing is...he is only 2 and he already rolls his eyes at me!!! I thought kids didn't do that until they become teenagers! lmao Either way, this is a fantastic shot! Good job!

  7. NicholeVan ages ago | reply

    i just LOVE this Amanda! Why don't they just get it?! And even uncooperative, you still come away with some great shots!

  8. Victoria Sims ages ago | reply

    Haha. Aw bless.
    At least they're being natural?

  9. Trish McCoy ages ago | reply

    it's classic. those expression. I've had moments like this and my daughter is so great at pissing me off when I want a specific shot of her and she won't do it. LOL

  10. .Jen. ages ago | reply

    haha!!! this is priceless!!! Great expressions. I love how Isaiah is making sure you really understand what he is saying. so cute :)

  11. autumn fawn ages ago | reply

    i think the moods work to your favor. as a mama, i know it was a hard time out there, but as a photographer, you captured a lot of intense emotion in a gorgeous setting with WINGS. briliiant. and hugs to the mama in you.

  12. jennifer buehrer [deleted] ages ago | reply

    hahahha... this is great!

  13. Depressive Autumn ages ago | reply

    They're adorable, haha :)!

  14. Dale73 ages ago | reply

    i love it, those expressions are classic, and so real, and your bw tones are so strong!

  15. Piper_H ages ago | reply

    this is another cute one in my opinion.
    I like their expressions and body language.

  16. tambam89 ages ago | reply

    Hahaha, his facial expression is priceless!

  17. iamaprice(Amanda) ages ago | reply

    lol! I can so relate. Priceless shot!

  18. ejtalks ages ago | reply

    haha, thats kids for you though - but still, beautifull shot

  19. daryldarko ages ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cemetery People, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  20. hay_b [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

    This is priceless. What a moment! Even though it didn't turn out as planned, this is a fantastic photo. - H

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