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AquaOne 1: 215L | by KittyKat3756
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AquaOne 1: 215L

Week 4: back from Mike's in Warminster with more plants... finally starting to look like a tank rather then a glass box full of water :P


All three bulbs are on.

Fish are platies and one female B. splendens (aka Betta).

Plants are Riccia, water lettuce, Java moss, Anubias b. (var b., var nana, var nana "petit" and var nana "petit gold"), Hygro. augustifolia, amazon swords (4 species), onions, lotus, cabomba, elodea, Chinese cress, Mexican oak leaf, vallis (4 species) and crypts.


In Explore on May 3, 2007

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Taken on April 29, 2007