in the new style
on a lark, i took a digital photo of a sketch i'd just finished, of desmond and hurley from lost.

i made various adjustments in photoshop and started magic-wand colouring, which is painstaking and frustrating.

the results pleased me, so i'm trying to come up with a method to it, to bring the character more out of the sketch. to give color the power to humanize rough sketches.

i select colours from photos or images that have emotional resonance with me. that way it's not only an expression, but a fully-charged and personally complex narrative made of different parts of my life, to say nothing of the image itself.

i love woodcuts, and looking at these again, i think that's one of the things that has appealed to me about it - they're kind of my woodcuts.

a long time ago now, a visitor informed me that jorge garcia, subject of my first piece, is himself a fan of what is called "fan-art," and was kind enough to site-check my very first exercise in this style. it's kind of extraordinary. for my part, i'm just glad that other people seem to like it as much as i do.

an academic once told me that the romantic-era pieces especially participated in a kind of 'anthropomorphic figurality.' i hate academese, but if i ever figure out what the dude was talking about, i'll let you know.

francesca's, durham: jan-feb 2011
francesca's, durham: mar-dec 2012
joe van gogh, durham: may 2013
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