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the power of mobility

the doctor: you like travel?

gravis: only those who have been isolated for millennia truly appreciate the power of mobility.


adapted from "frontios" (1984)




7 march 2012


i've been watching my way through the fifth doctor's adventure tales over the past couple of months and returned, at last, to "frontios." many more things to think about this time around. people on the internet were discussing which of the doctor's foes should never return. i think that's a terrible discussion to have, as advances - in costuming, effects technology, and pacing of screenplays - mean that no past villain could not be improved upon in the modern age.


in the classic series, the more ungainly the doctor's foes, the fonder i am of them, and that goes double for the sad, lonely, and philosophic leader of the tractators. for my own part, i think there is a redemptive tale yet to be told about gravis. he'd already been "isolated for millennia" when he met the doctor, and then was exiled by the time lord to the wild, barren landscape of kolkokron. what happened to him in the intervening period? did he find madness or redemption in his hermitage?




8 march 2012


warm thanks to @gary_gillatt for sending people here on twitter with a retweet. apparently mr jeff rawle, who played plantagenet in "frontios" popped round his office today. you can find rawle on twitter as well: @jeffrawle1




26 april 2012


inexplicably, from 20-24 april, this piece gained 1,211 views. flickr's stat-tracking mechanism is clearly flawed because it's attributing almost all of these views to "unknown" with no referring source. i wish i knew who was sharing the link, because i'm astounded and thrilled that so many are seeing it on that account. if you can tell me where the hits are coming from, that would be awesome! i did every kind of search with every kind of search-term i could think of, on twitter, google, and so on, but the kind referrer remains a mystery.


thanks, whoever's out there!

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