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    It's been officially announced - Astroland will close this Sunday.

    My sister remembers my father taking us there back in the day...He took us to many amusement parks when we were growing up (i.e. Adventurers Inn in Queens, Rye Playland in Westchester, and the infamous roadtrip from NYC to Walt Disney) and appeared to enjoy them as much as us kids. Unfortunately, I don't remember going to Astroland back then. Maybe I was too young, or maybe it was before my time. Truth is, I still rarely go. But I like the idea of it. And certain rides, like the Cyclone, rock...I always appreciated the sight of those rides from the elevated tracks of the F train as it slowly pulled into that last stop on the line. Nowhere else in New York City is there such a view from a train...

    (More photos from Astroland, as well as from my latest trespassing High Line adventure, coming soon...)

    1. dogseat 81 months ago | reply

      this weekend might be the last time for astroland?
      and theres a beard and moustache at the freak show tomorrow at &!!
      you know who will be competing!

    2. Irene Tejarachi Hess 81 months ago | reply

      I can't make it today, but at least the weather is better than forecasted. Have a great time. I like the idea of some famous haircutter-to-the-stars standing there with a pair of shears, ready to give a haircut to the winner.

    3. pixydust 81 months ago | reply

      sad news, indeed ...

    4. ♔ Georgie R 81 months ago | reply

      Woo! You have caught this at just the right moment. But rather you than me riding on it :-)

    5. Irene Tejarachi Hess 80 months ago | reply

      Hey, PixyD.

      GeorgieR, it's wonderful!! It's the kind of ride you take and, as soon as you get off, race back for another go.

    6. Gamma Infinity 80 months ago | reply

      I've been reading about this. Does this affect Cyclone and Wonder Wheel? The New Coney Island is not Coney island without those.

    7. Irene Tejarachi Hess 80 months ago | reply

      Hi Gamma Infinity, I heard that the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel will remain...It'll be strange seeing those two rides in the midst of an outdoor shopping mall...

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