Valentines Day Gift

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    Happy Valentines Day.

    This beautiful white gold and diamond heart pendant was given to me for Valentines Day 2006.

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    1. Porcelique [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      kitta that is gorgeous! white gold owns yellow anyday :) you lucky girl you!

    2. Cavvie 100 months ago | reply

      he's a keeper...

    3. ToBNot2B 100 months ago | reply

      Beautiful fregile!

    4. jp3g 100 months ago | reply

      that is really pretty :) have to agree white gold is amazing compared to australian yellow gold :)chinese and italian gold are amazing :)

    5. kurafire 100 months ago | reply

      That's incredibly gorgeous! :-)


      *steals your boyfriend*

      Wait, I'm not a girl... :(


    6. Matteh [deleted] 100 months ago | reply

      OOO-Kay then.
      No one is going to be stealing me from my Kitta :)
      That goes double for guys :P

    7. Nikita Kashner 100 months ago | reply

      Don't make me go all Brandy and Monica on you Kurafire!

    8. hannahkross 100 months ago | reply

      thats just beautiful!

    9. TahliaC 100 months ago | reply

      Absolutely gorgeous! Matt, you done very, very well. I'm proud of you :).

      You're lucky Kitta. <3

    10. kurafire 100 months ago | reply

      Hahahaha, fine fine, you may keep (him|her) ;-)

    11. Kevbo 100 months ago | reply

      What?? Boyfriend?? BOYFRIEND??? NoooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *cries*

    12. Nikita Kashner 100 months ago | reply

      Yes, boyfriend.

    13. bobsully 99 months ago | reply

      Kitta's enLuv, don't forget to invite me to the wedding

    14. Kevbo 99 months ago | reply

      boyfriend. Wait, do you hear that, Kitta? That's the sound of my and thousands of other hearts simultaneously breaking. ;)

    15. HarriDavidson 89 months ago | reply

      I am guessing the other gift was the high hard one.

    16. sirexkat 79 months ago | reply

      Congrats on making it to the wordpress theme. Highest geek points to you.

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