• shortgrain tie-dye rice
  • roast beef lunchmeat
  • polenta
  • cilantro
  • whole cloves and black decorator gel plus nori accent
  • teeny-tiny pinches of nori

Closeup of Polenta :)

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Gnawing on cilantr...I mean, acacia.

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  1. keri_dvm 80 months ago | reply

    WOW. your bento art is always beautiful, but this is downright amazing!

  2. a_bit_of_my(L) 80 months ago | reply

    that`s beautiful......!!!! =)

  3. laughing cat 80 months ago | reply

    why don't we have food like this in the US?!?!?

  4. kellykilgore 80 months ago | reply

    It is disturbing how awesome that is!

  5. Bowhaus 80 months ago | reply

    Oh, my God....that is brilliant....the sweetest, most wonderful giraffe I've ever seen! You are a genius

  6. Mer210 80 months ago | reply

    I am so impressed.

    By the way, what does polenta taste like? I looked up what it is, but I've never had it. Is it bland, or do you flavor it with something. And was it homemade just for this sculpture?

  7. Sakurako Kitsa 80 months ago | reply

    Thanks :)

    Polenta...I guess you could say it's a little bland. It's mostly cornmeal and water. I made my own for this recipe and then had to chill it for quite a while to get it malleable enough to sculpt.

    Have you ever had cornmeal mush? It's very like that. You can flavor it with lots of things- bacon fat, peppers...anything you want, it picks up different flavors very well.

  8. hugegoddess 80 months ago | reply

    I'm agog at your talent and resourcefulness. Nicely done, with great attention to detail.

  9. love2boardgame 79 months ago | reply

    The more often I look at your bentos, the more impressed I am. Truly amazing. I especially like this one... it's spectacular!

    Seen in Bento Porn (?)

  10. Melanie.. 77 months ago | reply

    I can't believe I missed this one! Fantastic :)

    Seen in your Personal Favorites set. (?)

  11. SonyBebe [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

    hahaha...beautiful...makes me smile ;-D

  12. in August... 73 months ago | reply

    This is too funny & very creative.

  13. alisonmadnick. 69 months ago | reply

    The blue rice as a backdrop is such a nice touch.

  14. Imagenes2007 69 months ago | reply

    "Premio Giraffa"
    "Award Giraffe"
    Giraffe / Giraffes

    post 1, comment 1&lt/b>
    Please tag "Giraffes"

  15. ‎.̀̀͝͝ ̡͠͝͡͏▲̛̛́̕⃝́̀͡͠ ̶̢ 64 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm a main chef for a restaurant called ET KITCHEN, and we'd love to add this meal to our menu!

  16. Jen's Photography 62 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called \\*W*H*I*M*S*I*C*A*L*//, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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