On the Summit - Peascape in Strangeland Series IX (back)

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    The Peas subsist on the goodness of sunshine and the comfort of squeezles. These wee Peas are no exception having a romp the fresh snow covered Hummock of Strangeland. For some of the Strangeland creatures though, the winter was much too long.

    The Peascape measures 11.5" long by 5.5" tall Created by the needle felting method and the graciously donated wool of Bernice and Evelynn, the sheep who live down the lane.

    Peas enjoy the company of all the Strangeland creatures including Jacabobs, Nurblettes and Hummocks. Even the occasional hedgehog and woodchuck but loath the company of kitties.

    Yes, the skull is cleaned and varnished. His father was a traveling sort and his mother was from a good neighbourhood.

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    1. Kit Lane 99 months ago | reply

      Note : *This real bone skull of an American River Otter has been ethically, legally and locally obtained.

    2. ingermaaike2 99 months ago | reply

      *swoons* That is just so very,very superb!

      *Makes a deep bow* My hat off to you!

    3. The Dolly Mama 99 months ago | reply

      OH my goshhhhhhhh...this is BIG too!!

    4. asherjasper 99 months ago | reply

      you are awesome!

    5. moccas 99 months ago | reply

      this is amazing! interesting combination~!

    6. DayleSnail 99 months ago | reply

      This is phenomenally different and really amazing. I am stunned, amazed and very impressed. Wow.

    7. gwen leven 99 months ago | reply

      I love love love <3

    8. Kit Lane 99 months ago | reply

      Thank you all so much!

      Super thank you to you too Ingermaaike2 as you live on my pedestal of felting legends. Your work has always been an inspiration and has cultivated a desire in me to learn to wet felt. It is I who should take MY hat off to you.

    9. ingermaaike2 99 months ago | reply

      Me??? You are kidding me...really??? Gosh I find YOUR work so very inspirational, I am in awe of your imagination!

    10. Kit Lane 99 months ago | reply

      Your tea pot cozy, the talisman in the woods, river stone necklaces, hats, scarves, garlands, nuno...OMGoodness! They're all such organic forms and I just love them!

    11. ingermaaike2 99 months ago | reply

      Can you see me grinning and beaming all the way over there??

      Well the love is very mutual!

    12. george974 98 months ago | reply

      You are very crazy ............
      Fantastic job

    13. Weak wrists 86 months ago | reply

      Best of the best

    14. Sue Reno 81 months ago | reply

      Wow...I'm in awe of what you are doing here. I'm a fiber artist; I've recently been working with skulls from my local wildlife, photographing them and making cyanotype prints of the images. You have taken the use of animal skulls in art to a whole new level. Wow.

    15. oh, albatross 62 months ago | reply

      that otter has a very good dentist.

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