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    This is v4 of the cake. The second one in as many weeks. Fortunately, the recipe is now right. Unfortunately, I have to make another one this weekend. (anyone want 3/4 of a cake?)

    1. These Days in French Life 72 months ago | reply

      lol!! that does suck. did i tell you about how i was a secret restaurant reviewer once? i had to eat three lunches in a few hours, bleck! one owner chased me out into the parking lot to ask why i didnt eat all my food.

      ok, so send my mom the cake, if you are near shelton... you can drop it off on her porch ;) its her birthday in two weeks! ha that would be so funny, a 3/4ths cake.

    2. kitchenmage 72 months ago | reply

      Was it at least a good restaurant?

      I'm about 30 minutes away - send her mail and see if she's coming into Oly over the weekend, maybe we can meet. (you think I jest?)

    3. Kimberly McK 72 months ago | reply

      Darn! I was in south Tacoma just this morning. I would've driven the rest of the way for that cake (and one of your pound cake grilled cheese sandwiches).

    4. kitchenmage 72 months ago | reply

      theKid is even bringing me more of that cheese from TJ's - she called from the cheese aisle half an hour ago. I am going to have another one next week. Coming south again? I'm going to find someone to take it and then schedule baking!

    5. These Days in French Life 72 months ago | reply

      i'll email mom right now, a lot of times she does go to the oly farmers market on the weekends. hey mom- go and get a scrumptious 3/4 cake! i'll email you too!

    6. Kimberly McK 72 months ago | reply

      Sadly, I don't have plans to be that far south for another few weeks; I hope TDiFL's mom can take the cake off your hands.

    7. These Days in French Life 72 months ago | reply

      i sent her your email. i guess she might have to go to oly and thought it would be fun to get a half cake ;) hope she can make it too. i'll be there in july if you have any leftovers laying around

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