The Giving Tree
"The Giving Tree" is the name of a huge tree in one of the public parks in Copenhagen. When it is time for a child to give up their pacifier, bottle, piece of cloth and so on, a parent can suggest that these items be given to the tree. Letters are written, items are carefully wrapped, sometimes with ribbons and bows. You'll also see multiple items tied up together in various parts of the tree, bringing all the bottles and other items to the tree.

My reaction was utter shock at the wonderfulness of this concept, with the reassurance that that child was not alone!

The park is Frederiksberg Have (Garden) and was created 300 years ago for King Frederik IV. There are beautiful gardens, great lawns, canals, a zoo, and a castle, the monarchs' summer residence, all in one area. This is just one spot on one walking path in the "garden".
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