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Change Of Plans

So I got tagged and here are the ten things of me.


1. I hate doing self portriats. Seriously I think flickr is the only place that I would do self portriats.


2. I changed my hair color YAY. It's a fire orange. Kudos to many who helped me get this color.


3. I think blue and orange match pretty well. Don't ya think


4. I was never a really good typer. I always have some sort of typo if I don't revise ever 5 minutes.


5. Bahahaha and a bottle of rum. Yes it's random becuase I can't think of anything so fill the space. It's not I killed a kitten.


6. I split ends gallor. I guess when you bleach your hair like me every month you start to get them.


7. I buy cheap shampoo but really expensive conditioner. Lol you ladies know why.


8. I always looked like I just woke up. Hence this tired picture.


9. I love my orange hair. Yeah we discussed it in # 2 but I really fell in love with it. It just feels good knowing that you are the only one on the train with this hair color. Like yeah try to top this people. Be bold Be wild


10. I only speak to like half my family. Talk about disowning

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Taken on July 12, 2010