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Wonderland 'Euphaeidae'

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If you have a moment, this music is how this picture feels to me, and is all I hear when I look at it. ............. youtu.be/XgP5Q9vZal8

Full behind the scenes blog entry here - www.kirstymitchellphotography.com/diary/?p=1410

If you are curious about the name, it is a term for the dragonfly commonly known as the Gossamerwing

I made the wings myself :) ... and its their shadow on her back (not an added fake texture)

Model - Katie Hardwick

Make-up and hair - Elbie Van Eeden

Assistants - Steven Read, Rosie Hardwick, Matthew Stevesen


* Wonderland was a finalist in the global Artists Wanted 'Exposure' competition last week, and I've also done another interview and a few other press bits. You can see them in an update on my blog here - www.kirstymitchellphotography.com/diary/?p=1395

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Taken on August 17, 2011