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Stuff about me


I'm thinking about doing interesting (or not so interesting) facts about me.


So, todays rather crap one, is that I am a bit of a hair chameleon. The difference in these 2 pics is not so obvious. It's been brown, reddy brown, really red and a plummy red in the last month. How ridiculous is that?!

I have had it long, short, medium length, cropped, hightlighted, blonde, white, black, pink, black and pink, ginger, silver, curly, permed, naturally wavy, ironed, straightened and anything else you can probably think of!


I'm actually surprised I'm not bald!


I'm trying to move on from the depressing shots related to Donna's passing. I think there will still be a fair few, but hopefully broken up with some happier shots!

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Uploaded on March 2, 2011