What is Your Favorite Record Store?

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Cinchel and I will be in Portland this year for record store day (We're flying out after work today) but this is my favorite record store in Chicago-Permanent Records on Chicago Avenue just a little bit East of where it intersects Damen.

Lance and Liz are great and of course there is Zaireeka, the cat who lives there. I am really sad that the three are moving to Los Angeles but the Chicago store will remain open atleast.

Really specializes in garage and psychedelic rock and puts out indie releases as well!

I thought this might be a cool post for people to refer to when traveling to a new city, anyhow. And if anyone has any recommendations on record stores I must check out while I'm in Portland, I'm all ears (eyes!)

Also, don't wait to buy all your records until record store day every year. Your bag would be way too heavy! ;)

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  1. Colin Athens 48 months ago | reply

    Besides Amoeba in West Hollywood, I would have to say my favorite is Criminal Records in my hometown of Atlanta. Wuxtry in Athens, Georgia is also really great. Bob Dylan always makes a stop there when he's in town. Sonic Boom in Seattle and Academy Records in Brooklyn had great selections, too.

  2. Francis Gagnon - www.francis-gagnon.com 48 months ago | reply

    Never been in Portland (Oregon), but I've been in a lof of cities on the east coast and there are a few interesting record stores that I remember. First, there was that record store in Baltimore called Reptilian Records, specialized in Punk/Rock/Hardcore music. I really liked it. There was also that one located in Dolestown (PA) named Siren. There was a lot of used and new records mostly of indie rock. I remember that I bought of lot of vynils there. It's also a nice small venue.

    Have a nice trip, Kirstie!

  3. Maurice Menocal 48 months ago | reply

    Kirstie, Having lived in PDX during the 90s, and recently having visited, the demise of PDX's record stores is sad. I worked at For What Its Worth for a couple of years, and carry great and crazy memories. There weren't many places as cool as Music Millenium on NW 23rd (think one exists on Sandy Blvd. -- take a look). I know there are some newer places on Burnside.

    p.s. Don't fall victim to the myth of Voodoo Doughnuts.

    Regarding record stores in Madison, WI, I'm blessed! B-Side; Exclusive; Strictly Discs; and my fave, MadCity Music XChange (Dave Zero's the best!)

  4. inate 48 months ago | reply

    Love the composition ... seem to be very few stores left around here ... still remember the excitement of going through the bins as a kid ... esp. with LPs - cover art is better when its bigger.

  5. cinchel 48 months ago | reply

    from their news page it seems like it will be in eagle rock. no address yet.

  6. kirstiecat 48 months ago | reply

    What is your favorite Toronto record store?

  7. Foodo Dood 48 months ago | reply

    Nice angle!

    My store is Lou's Records in Encinitas (San Diego County)

  8. SemiCharmedLife (☯) 48 months ago | reply

    In this area, Joe's Record Paradise, Silver Spring, MD. I still buy and play vinyl.

  9. Barry Yanowitz 48 months ago | reply

    Other Music here in New York, and Amoeba in San Francisco. They're kind of polar opposites - Other Music small and intimate, and Amoebe a ginormous warehouse. Yet I can spend hours in either one. love that you took this with the fisheye, great shot!

  10. Kelsey Aryn 48 months ago | reply

    I like the Reckless in Boyz Town by the Threadless!
    Love this photo. The tones are awesome! Blue Blue Blue.

  11. chriszak 48 months ago | reply

    I love Repo Records in Philly. They aren't even the "best" record store in Philly. It's too small to hold a giant collection, doesn't have a ton of old stuff (other than re-issues), but some of the nicest people in Philadelphia work there and have become my friends. I go in and talk about music, they put on records I want to hear, they let me sit behind the counter. I've become one of those weird record store guys at this record store - the kind where you're not really sure why they're hanging out there, or if they work there - and I love it!

  12. seil6fosse9 48 months ago | reply

    "Rock Bottom" in Firenze, vinyl only. I've been there last time 4 or 5 years ago, got to return!

  13. Aarch_ 48 months ago | reply

    you couldn't have chosen a better lens for this shoot
    Is just perfect! :)

  14. scottspy 48 months ago | reply

    Cool shot, damn I wish I had the money to buy a fisheye!

  15. Jon in Thailand 48 months ago | reply

    Enjoy Portland, your getting
    into my old stomping grounds ..;-)

  16. solamore 48 months ago | reply

    All the record stores near me are closing. :-(
    This looks lovely!

  17. Heart&Soul Photography 47 months ago | reply

    wow this is sweet, nice tones too : )

  18. KWOTATECH [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

    Check out this awesome artwork on records!

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