3d pan white

Alan Sparhawk (Low)

Camera settings (I'm not exaggerating...just so all of you photogs from afar understand our poor working conditions! ;) )


1.8 aperture. 800 iso, 1/5th of a second...yes, you read this right.


It's been 14 months since Low came to Chicago. The last time was a personal disaster. I was serving jury duty on a criminal court and the day Low was playing was also the deliberation day. It was a rather violent case with four separate charges and I ended up having to turn around half the jury to a non guilty charge for the heaviest one...which took about 3 1/2 hours. Then, I was supposed to shoot an early Lucinda Williams show at The Vic Theater.


I drove like mad to get there on time from the south side where the courthouse was. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world to get a spot right up front for Lucinda. After the opener, however, I was told by a security guard that Lucinda didn't want any photos of her from close so I had to go back and shoot in the way back of the club. For those unaware or outside of Chicago, the Vic Theater is a very large club and the soundboard is where the entrance is. Even if I had a 300mm lens, it would have had to have been a 2.8 with an IS to be able to get anything decent. I felt very upset about the whole thing and left after one song when I was clearly not getting anywhere. I ran to Low at the Metro, which I didn't have a photopass for and hid behind my friends Gavin (and I think Sei Jin, no?) as they are taller and therefore I could not be extremely tortured with all of the great shots I was missing with Alan and Mimi.


Alan seems like an incredibly nice person and there was a point when he was covering "Hatchet" that I caught him looking down at me singing along and smiling. Though, because it was so dark, I threw away 99% of my photos. I really had to work hard to get anything. Good thing I know the Low songs in advance to have a pretty good idea of when Alan is going to be stuck on a note.


I was going to ask him for a portrait shot but I thought....I'd really rather get a shot of him with Mimi someday. Alan, if you ever read this, know how much I love you and consider the possibility.

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Uploaded on June 8, 2008