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The Web Building Process | by Pumpkin Queen87
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The Web Building Process

I wonder how long it took for that spider to weave this web.


They build the long lines first in strong web, then they lay down a light type of webbing for the little side swipes, but not as many. they use their own back leg as a measurement for precise placement. then when its made its way around to the end, it turns around and retraces its step in reverse, devouring the web she just laid out and laying out new thread behind her of a different type. a strong and super sticky type that will be good for trapping bugs to eat. She continues in quadruple the times thread count back to the center where she waits for her trap to be set. the spider will sit there and hang on to the cords of the web. it can read every vibration of movement. And in a few days, the web will dry out and she will have to take down the old, usually devouring it to recycle protein. Then it starts the process all over again.


most spiders communicate through hand gestures, tapping, and wiggling their abdomen.

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Taken on September 5, 2011