Rain, Dust, Rainbow and Lightning in Tucson

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    I watch the radar daily during monsoon season as I love the excitement of shooting lightning. I am searching for the penultimate lightning shot, what ever that is. I think this one is pretty cool.

    I saw this storm blowing into town and knew that there would be some action. I delayed the plans for a movie with my wife and jumped in the car. Shooting from my usual place near my house, I got some decent shots. It was hard to get really excellent shots because of the light. I was shooting at ISO 100, f/32 and 1/8 of a second, but the images were too a tad too bright to really see the lightning well. Nighttime shooting is much nicer because you can keep the shutter open long enough to get the whole strike and I shoot at f/8 to f/11 depending upon how close I am to the storm. I got rained out of the usual spot so I tried to out race the storm and drove down Silverbell until I got to a dry spot. I found this spot in an area that was being developed. To get a decent shot I had to run up a hill and brave the dust storm that blew in with the storm. It was really tough getting this shot because there were large drops coming down and I had to keep wiping my lens. I was shooting with my lightning sensor that opens the shutter when it detects the leader stroke of the strike.

    I really like this shot because it combines the power of the storm and the beauty of the rainbow. Not my penultimate shot, but a really good shot.

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    1. chaf.haddad 69 months ago | reply

      Thanks for my new desktop background image!

    2. Chris Luckhardt 69 months ago | reply

      Epic shot. Well done!

    3. John-Le.com [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      it's great to see a photographer's hard work and patience being rewarded with a great shot.

      i did a small write up of this shot on my blog www.john-le.com/

    4. brett.baxter ;) 69 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot--instant fav!

      Seen on Digg ;)

    5. TheRogue 69 months ago | reply

      Great shot! So many different pieces come together for a unique photo.

    6. Snowbabies [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot!

    7. Saifman 69 months ago | reply

      Not to mention you included the 2010 Prius!!

    8. Rebelxtnut 69 months ago | reply

      Nice! I was down there for this storm, well. i was driving back from tucson to phoenix. and man was that crazy, on the 10 there was maybe 300ft visibility at times. great shot of the lightning

    9. swimmor 69 months ago | reply

      very nice shot!!

    10. Burns! 69 months ago | reply

      Not to be a pedantic language-nerd, but I don't think you really mean "penultimate." It means "next to last." The one before the ultimate.
      /me being a jerk.

      That being said, whatever you want to call it, this is an absolutely incredible shot. Sadly, we never get "weather" in L.A., so I don't know when I'd ever get a chance to even attempt to shoot lightning. I still want a lightning sensor. That sounds awesome.

    11. ruvjet... 69 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful. I like the story that goes with it.

    12. reaganphotography 69 months ago | reply

      this is a great shot! there's so much going on.

      you should submit it to the summer contest at WeSay.com ... one of the categories is storms and you can win up to $300 (and retain all the rights to your photos). it's completely legit and i think your photo could have a good chance of winning.


    13. Motiv Designs 69 months ago | reply

      That is an epic capture of nature's unpredictability. Very lucky shot!

      Captain Planet didn't happen to burst through the clouds just after that did he?

    14. ktania 69 months ago | reply

      excellent shot!!

    15. Jeff Clow 69 months ago | reply

      This turned out really well.....

    16. viktor.dite 69 months ago | reply

      hey, that's amazing picture! never seen any moments like that! lightnings are impressive, people who are able to catch them, too. but that pair is unique. guy you may never se it again! great job!

    17. cookieluver33 69 months ago | reply

      Great capture!

    18. Mcmommy24 [deleted] 69 months ago | reply

      Awesome shot! You have it all in one moment! :o)

    19. dayumber 69 months ago | reply

      muy buena la foto de el arco iris felicitacions

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