Hidden Washington DC
From 1984 to 1994 I wandered the streets of Washington DC photographing the unseen and vanishing moments of the city. These images lay dormant in the archives until I realized that they needed to be brought to life before the persons and spaces are totally lost to entropy and time.

These images are my first serious photographic work, and it was consciously documentary with an aim to presenting the subject matter 20 years in the future. I purposely photographed subjects that were nostalgic, historic, or appeared to be so.

These images depict the hidden parts of Washington DC rarely if ever traversed by tourists. Here are the places and some of the people trapped in their own world while the rich and powerful swirl around in a seemingly separate world a mile away.

Photographers have an uncanny sense of capturing "the last of its kind". As you can see, many of the things I photographed were for the future, which is now/today although at the time I vauguely knew it.

These images are grouped into a forthcoming book by the following chapters:
Empty Space

A short film I made based on this series:
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