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the cone of shame | by Willow Creek Photography
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the cone of shame

I haven't been on here much lately...havent been online period actually. As you can see, Tyson isn't feeling that well. A little over a week ago Tyson got neutered. Well, the first four days went great. He was eating and wanting to play, basically back to his normal self. Then on the fifth day i came home from work and found his scrotum swollen to the max. I went onto some vet websites and found that it appeared to be "normal" and it said just to put an ice pack on it for 15 minutes, about 4 times a day. which i did. it seemed to work for the first day or two, but on the third day i woke up in the morning and found it to be worse. (the whole time it was swollen, he wasn't in pain he was just really uncomfortable, obviously, and he was eating and drinking normally). I started bawling and i rang up my step sister so she could come with me to the vet (i didnt want to go alone in case if something major happened...) and i scooped tyson up and off we went. I got there and explained to the vet what was going on (same vet that did the neuter surgery) and she was really shocked at how swollen he was. She said the only thing she could think of is that while i was away at work he must've jumped and tore something...basically rough housed while i was away. She said if i didn't bring him in when i did then he would've gotten a really bad infection and it could've gone really bad really quick...She brought him in the back to have surgery once again and this time they removed the whole sack and he got some good stitches. The first two days after i brought him home he didnt want anything to do with anyone and wouldn't eat or drink. The vet actually called me to check up on him and said that that was normal that his appetite should return by the end of the day...which thankfully it did. All in all right now he is doing much better and is eating and drinking like his normal self. On saturday i have to take him back in to get his stitches removed hopefully. On top of everything else, I am now broke due to this circumstance and have no money what so ever so idk how i'm going to make it the next few weeks. all i'm happy about though is that Tyson is now healthy and he should have a great recovery.


oh and my flickr is going to expire in 5 days....i doubt i'm going to renew it since i hardly get any feedback anymore.

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Taken on August 26, 2012