• me
  • Scott Spangler
  • Tim Rock's wagon. That thing changed our lives more than anything else he had.
  • WD-40, for speed
  • My dog's pen. The fence posts were the same thing we made the roller coaster rails with.
  • It would go "CLACLACK" at every joint.
  • After a while, we learned to make the track tilt for a couple of segments.
  • not broken yet. - Dystopos
  • Piles of firewood.

backyard roller coaster

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Building roller coasters in 1984-85. We always wanted to make rides. These rollercoasters got bigger, higher, and scarier everytime we built one.

Tim Rocks' Dad took this photo.

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  1. davidcampbellphoto 79 months ago | reply

    I ride it today. In fact I kinda wish I had the extra lumber, parts and time to build my own. Real roller coasters where no accidents can happen are for sissies.

  2. King Power Cinema 79 months ago | reply

    If I had the time, lumber, & materials I'd definitely build a mine train-type coaster in Chilton county. Something mostly low to the ground, but with a lot of hills and curves.

  3. davidcampbellphoto 79 months ago | reply

    King Power Cinema I like to ride mountain bikes. Some trails are like roller coasters. Skateboarding is a blast also, I built a half-pipe this summer.

  4. King Power Cinema 79 months ago | reply

    David--I've seen photos of mountain bike trail construction with ramps, platforms, elevated wooden trails, etc. Wouldn't be too difficult to bolt steel rails to something like that.

  5. davidcampbellphoto 79 months ago | reply

    They have a trail like that in Phoenix City. But just blazing over rolling hills is like a roller coaster. They have a section at the Swayback trail down here they call the roller coaster. If you go just fast enough you get just enough speed on the short downhills to go back up, it's a blast. Plus you are not bolted into something that you know won't fail like an amusement park coaster.

  6. King Power Cinema 69 months ago | reply

    It did--we had to keep making adjustments and re-stacking the rails since they weren't properly fastened to anything. But it worked well enough to keep us entertained on and off for several weeks.

  7. [ Ben ] 64 months ago | reply

    i love this. it looks like so much fun. im sure you guys had alot of fun.

  8. kparrish 64 months ago | reply

    this is pretty cool!

    wow --- i've seen two of yours now on the flickr blog! congratulations!

  9. King Power Cinema 64 months ago | reply

    Thanks Kelly! Is that what happened? I wondered why it suddenly had a few new favorites.

  10. Tony and Mar 64 months ago | reply

    Haa! Love the WD 40 = )

  11. interstella87 64 months ago | reply

    Very cool....love the fact your mates name is scott spangler! Such a good name, swear I have heard it in a movie?!

    I think my parents would have castrated me had they seen me doing something as cool (but in their eyes dangerous) as this!

  12. King Power Cinema 64 months ago | reply

    I think I've heard a name like that in a movie too. I'll check IMDB.

    This was the second one we built. The first was a small hill segment about a foot tall with a flat run out track. We then realized the potential for longer runs, so they got higher and higher. Eventually we moved operations across the yard to launch from the treehouse. If only to have had a welder back then....

    A decade and a half later I saw The Omen, and noticed in Damien's birthday party (a little before the girl hangs herself) there is a shot of some kids on a similar device that was almost exactly like our first roller coaster.

  13. Dystopos 64 months ago | reply

    Egon Spengler?

  14. ...:::Sticker Traders:::... 64 months ago | reply

    This has emergency room written all over it.

  15. interstella87 64 months ago | reply

    Aaaaah nicely remembered! ghostbusters wasn't it?

    Can't be a good feeling when you see your childhood games at satan's spawn's brithday party!

  16. King Power Cinema 64 months ago | reply

    Yeah I was watching The Omen and noticed the kids riding the little cart, I kind of perked up and remembered exactly how the track transitions felt.

    There were a few times when the tracks would shake off the firewood, and they were really heavy. We didn't get hurt on it luckily--I remember quite vividly the clanging sound of the rails and the rumble of the logs when it would fall apart every few runs.

  17. birdbaby 58 months ago | reply

    its really stupid

  18. King Power Cinema 58 months ago | reply

    birdbaby--this was a great few weeks back around 1985. Highly memorable and left quite an impression.

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