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Summit Sunset - LoR | by Kingdomviewbricks
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Summit Sunset - LoR

The next day, after the storm had passed, the explorers continued on. The air was noticeably thinner now, and they had to rest constantly. They had no appetite. Higher and higher they climbed, until they were level with the highest peaks in the nearby range. In late afternoon, they emerged on to a broad shoulder near the mountain’s top. They established their camp in the lee of an outcropping.


The true summit was a narrow icy pinnacle which towered several hundred vertical feet above the plain.

“It’s time,” said Malachi. They prepared their gear and their nerves for the final assent. They would leave behind everything except clothing, rope, and ice axes. Malachi forced everyone to eat a little something.


This final climb was the most difficult yet. They had no air, no energy, and no room for error. Malachi kept them moving by sheer force of will. Upward they crawled, step by grueling step, setting the ice ax, checking each hold, as one slip was enough to send them slipping into oblivion.


As he climbed, Malachi looked only at the ice, cliff, or ground ahead. He stared upward, tracing their route. Finally, as he crested a rock face, there was no more up, only sky. He stood atop the pinnacle and beheld the world spread out below his feet. To the west, coastal mountain range extended as far as he could see, and framed the setting sun. To the west, the great wild jungle spread out over the land, lit by the bright rising gibbous moon. To the south west, was the jungle and river from which they had come, and to the northwest lay the uncharted regions where the expedition was now headed. Along the river to the north, Malachi thought he could see a wide sparkling lake.


Though their expedition is far from over, Malachi felt true sense of achievement. Against overwhelming odds, they had conquered the mountain. They had passed the clouds to reach the top of the island.


Malachi unfurled the yellow and green banner.

“I claim this mountain, by right of first accent, in the name of the free nation of Lenfald!”




This is the latest installment in my series of scenes depicting the exploration of the jungle island of New Lenfald, for Lands of Rowia.

If you have not seen them, or wish to refresh your memory, the previous installments can be found in this album.




Comments, critique, and criticism welcome.

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Taken on October 27, 2016