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The Sky Below - LoR | by Kingdomviewbricks
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The Sky Below - LoR

The mountaineers had now left the jungle behind, and were ascending the vast barren rock of the mountain. Malachi also noted that they had left the heavy moist air of the tropics, and he was enjoying the cool fresh air. Vegetation had almost entirely disappeared, and the only other life seen were small wooly, sheep-like creatures with long necks.

Most of their traveling was hiking over steep granite slopes. This required endurance, but was not especially difficult.

Now and again, however, they encountered massive cliffs and walls which could not be circumvented without traveling miles. These were the true test of skill and strength.


One such test faced them as they neared the top of a cliff. Malachi, in the lead, was climbing across the face of the wall, above an overhanging ledge wish the other two climbers were still attempting to pass. With an incredible jerk, the rope around his body came suddenly tight. A foothold had given way, and Oakden had lost his grip and dropped, held only by the rope to his partners.

Above, Malachi torn from the face of the wall. He knew that if he could not stop himself, all three would plummet to their deaths.

Without time to think, Malachi seized an overhanging lip of rock, and one of his feet rammed against another crack. His hands flared with fiery pain, and his body burned with the effort. Every agonizing second, the pull of the rope seemed to increase.

Just hold on!

He gritted his teeth. His screaming muscles threatened to give way entirely.

Hold... on...

Finally, the rope relaxed, and he felt lighter. Bear, secure below had managed to pull Oakden to safety. Malachi forced his arms to move and dragged himself upward.




This is the latest installment in my series of scenes depicting the exploration of the jungle island of New Lenfald, for Lands of Rowia.

If you have not seen them, or wish to refresh your memory, the previous installments can be found in this album.




Comments, critique, and criticism welcome.

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Taken on August 28, 2016