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Into the Mountains - LoR | by Kingdomviewbricks
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Into the Mountains - LoR

After arriving back at camp, Malachi offered to lead an expedition to the mountain, which appeared to be the tallest on the island. The expedition leaders decided to send Malachi, Oakden, and a strong and hardy ranger known as Bear. Meanwhile, the remainder of the party would undertake a thorough mapping of the river and surrounding area.


Soon the three mountaineers set off through the wilderness. After two days of travel, they entered the foothills at the base of the mountain, which connected it to the larger range to the west.


As they gained elevation, the vegetation changed and then thinned, though heavy humidity and fog were still present.


On the third day, they entered a

region of alternating rock and sandy soil. Malachi, who had been recording new plants and animals noticed a strange plant growing in abundance. It was compact and of medium height, with small round leaves. After examining it closely, Malachi thought it seemed familiar somehow.

"Wait a minute, I think another variety of this plant has already been discovered on the other side of the mountains," Malachi said. "Some of the other naturalists showed it to me."

"What's so interesting about it?" said Oakden.

"We need to dig it up," said Malachi. "You'll see."


When they uprooted the plant, Malachi reached into the soil and produced a lumpy brown tuber.

"According to early reports, these roots are edible." Malachi said. "They call them potatoes."

"I don't know," Bear said dubiously. "The plant looks very similar to a poisonous one back home."

"It is apparently from a related family," said Malachi. "But these root structures are safe.

Then again, this is probably a different species on this side of the mountains. How about you try it first?"


They collected a good supply of the roots, then continued onward. As they traveled, Malachi conducted a days long process to test if they were edible, which consisted of placing small amounts on the skin, under the tongue, and then finally eating them. Once convinced they were not poisonous, Oakden boiled some to go with their meal.


"Not bad, really," said Bear, chewing.

"I think they could even be grown in Lenfald," said Malachi. "The temperature is much cooler at these elevations."

"You've been eating too much hard-tack," said Oakden. "I can't imagine anyone back home eating this stuff instead of good bread."




While I have not uploaded any expedition shots lately, due to other contests and projects, I have been working behind the scenes. Instead of releasing installments randomly when I build them, I will be publishing the next several shots of the series at a rate of about one per day. My hope is that this will allow for more cohesive storytelling.


Anyway, there's lots more to come, so stay tuned and enjoy!




This is the latest installment in my series of scenes depicting the exploration of the jungle island of New Lenfald, for Lands of Rowia.

If you have not seen them, or wish to refresh your memory, the previous installments can be found in this album.


The story illustrated here was written to connect to this story update.




Comments, critique, and criticism welcome.

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Taken on August 28, 2016