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Alpine Blizzard - LoR | by Kingdomviewbricks
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Alpine Blizzard - LoR

As they climbed, the air became truly cold, a strange feeling as they had come directly from the tropical jungle. They wore every layer of warm clothing they had. Soon the entire mountain was covered in a white expanse of snow. This made their journey even harder, whether it was deep, tiring powder, or smooth, wind- blasted ice where a single slip could send them plummeting thousands of feet.


Near sunset, as they trudged across a vast snowy expanse, they noticed the sky beginning to darken suddenly.

“Look at those clouds,” said Bear. “I think a storm is coming in.”

“That’s not good,” said Malachi. “There’s nothing up here to stop that wind.

Sure enough, the wind picked up until it reached a until duration incredible velocity. Wind-borne flakes of snow stung their faces and made it difficult to see. Some gusts were so strong, they had difficulty standing.

“We need to rope together!” Malachi yelled above the rasping wind. He remembered all too well his time trapped in a crevasse in the driftplains of Garheim, a threat even more dangerous because they could not see the path ahead of them. They tied the climbing rope around their waists, both to avoid becoming separated, and help each other in case of a fall. They held their ice axes in their hands, ready to jan them into the snow to stop a slide.

In this manner they continued for several agonizing minutes.

“I hh-have to st-top,” chattered Oakden. “I’m freezing.”

“We h-hhave to keep moving,” said Malachi. “If we stop, we’ll f-freeze for sure.”

Onward they went went, Malachi doing his best to support Oakden.

When they neared the point of collapse, they stumbled across a rock outcropping where they could shelter from the wind. Malachi and Bear forced their numb hands to carve a snow cave, where they could wait out the storm and keep warm.




This is the latest installment in my series of scenes depicting the exploration of the jungle island of New Lenfald, for Lands of Rowia.

If you have not seen them, or wish to refresh your memory, the previous installments can be found in this album.




Comments, critique, and criticism welcome.

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Taken on October 26, 2016