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LoR - Lord Eberhard Strong | by Kingdomviewbricks
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LoR - Lord Eberhard Strong

Eberhard Strong is Grand Duke of Stoneborough, by right of conquest, and of birth.

He was born the eldest son of the of the reigning grand Duke, the latest of a noble family descended from Vyctor Strong, the lord who founded Stoneborough. He was raised from birth as the future Duke, but he had no pampered childhood. From an early age, he was trained in the rigorous traditions of a Lenfel ranger and knight.

In his twenty-first year, the outlaw Queen rose to power, and her legions marched to control every city in Rowia. Eberhard’s father was murdered by an Outlaw chieftain when he refused to submit the usurper’s rule.

Eberhard, now the rightful Grand Duke, was forced to flee with his men into the mountains, where they lived in hidden caves. He was wise enough to bide his time, stockpiling weapons and training men in secret.

It was a time of hunger, hardship, and grief, but it forged Eberhard into a true leader of men. Men saw that he was a lord they could trust and would follow him anywhere. The scattered men and warriors of Stoneborough flocked to his banner.

When the time came, Eberhard led his fierce and determined army out to retake Stoneborough. They issued forth from caves and secret ways of the mountains to storm the city, taking the undisciplined Outlaw garrison by surprise. Eberhard and his best men marched directly to the great hall where his ancestors had ruled. He threw open the doors, strode to the dais, and threw down his gauntlet at the feet of the man who had killed his father.

In a brutal single combat on the floor of the hall, Eberhard slew the Outlaw chieftain with his war-axe. After this, the remaining Outlaws surrendered to him.

Eberhard Strong was Lord of Stoneborough.



Grand Duke Strong now rules a peaceful and prosperous Stoneborough. He is a brilliant warrior and general, but he also rules wisely in time of peace. He is no master politician, but he is respected by his subjects and has a firm sense of justice. He is fiercely patriotic and is a strong supporter of Lenfald’s newfound independence. Like many in the Central Mountain region, he is deeply suspicious of the other factions, particularly the distant Loreesi, and the hated Outlaws.

The city of Stoneborough is flourishing in the new independent Lenfald under his young rule. Determined that Stoneborough shall never fall to an enemy again, he has led an ambitious project to repair and strengthen the ruined city walls, making the mountain city nearly impregnable. This and other city improvements are being funded by his judicious investment in the new colony of Port Emerald.

Just as he is leading the city of Stoneborough to prominence in Lenfald, Lord Eberhard Strong has already earned a place of honor in the history of the city.



A character for Lands of Rowia


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