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LoR/TSJ - LC 23 - Aines Bridge | by Kingdomviewbricks
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LoR/TSJ - LC 23 - Aines Bridge

The Great Aines Bridge marks the crossroads of the two arteries which support the market city of Ainesford. Over the bridge's piers passes the great North-South Road, the only major road which connects the forest nation of Lenfald and the southern kingdom of Loreos. Every day large numbers of merchants cross the bridge: Loreesi to trade in the marketplaces of Ainesford, Lenfels to sell their wares in the southern cities, and even tradesman from the distant Garheim. Under the bridge flows the majestic Aines river, which forms the border between Lenfald and Loreos. The river is a natural highway for goods traveling into Eastern Lenfald, and also across into Loreos.


The bridge was built of Loreesi sandstone and Lenfel Granite during the period of treaty between the two provinces. Since that time, Lenfel-Loreesi relations have significantly deteriorated. Now, the bridge’s Lenfel gatehouse is always manned with deadly archers, and men enough to raise the drawbridge at a moment’s notice. However, even as political ties have weakened, commerce between the two nations is still crucial to both, making the Aines Bridge one of the most important structures in Ainesford.




This is an entry to LC 23 and the Summer Joust, as part of the Ainesford Guild entry.


Please visit The Grand Duchy of Ainesford thread for more information on the city of Ainesford, and to view the other collaborators' entries.




Color scheme inspired by Mark of Falworth




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Taken on June 23, 2016