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LoR -LC 23- The Walls of Stoneborough | by Kingdomviewbricks
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LoR -LC 23- The Walls of Stoneborough

Stoneborough, set in the Eagle's Eye pass in the Dragonscale mountains of Central Lenfald, is a naturally a well defensible city. It is protected by steep rock cliffs which form natural walls. The surrounding landscape is broken and rocky, crossed by swift mountain streams and ravines, and covered in dense pine forest.

However, the man-made walls which protect the city had fallen into disrepair over the years, particularly during the period of the Queen's rule.

When the the ambitious new Duke, Eberhard Strong, rose to power after the queen's overthrow, he began a massive project to rebuild and strengthen the walls. Funded by investments in the new colonies and money from the high Lord, the skilled Stoneborough masons have replaced damaged portions of the wall, and added new towers, as well as several feet to the entire height of the wall.


This scene shows a typical section of the wall on the southwest of the city. It shows the addition to the wall, the new battlements and one of the towers. It also shows one of the several mountain streams which run through the city, providing fresh water.

Duke Eberhard Strong is riding out to hunt along a wooden causeway which leads down from one of the city gates, smoothly crossing ravines and streams.



This is only my third attempt at proper medieval fortifications, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.


The basic inspiration came from this large and impressive build. I liked what he did with the rock cliffs around the city, but I didn't want to simply copy what had already been done, and I had my own ideas about how the wall should look. Therefore, in keeping with the theme of the LC, I had the idea of showing later additions to the wall. The lower mostly light gray section is meant to represent the original wall, and the dark bluish gray the additions.


A build for Lands of Rowia, a LEGO castle group in which members create a character and then use Lego builds to tell their in a shared LEGO castle world. LoR also features motivational contests and challenges. We are currently looking for new members, so come on over, pick a faction and join the fun!




Comments and critique welcome.

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Taken on May 25, 2016