Eurobike 2009 - Day 1
On Friday August 28th, Chris Sales Manager Jeff Menand and Marketing Manager Chris DiStefano flew to Zurich in advance of the 2009 Eurobike tradeshow in Germany.

Jeff & Chris arrived early to visit retail shops in Zurich, then Munich and on to Milan following the show. A request to Cielo Cycles for travel bikes to use for these viists yielded two custom S&S coupler singlespeed 29ers. Their names are Hans & Franz unless you can offer something more clever and less cliched. Until then, it's Hans clad in Red King bits and Franz in his majestic gold kit.

Our flight to Zurich connected in Atlanta, Ga where we would be joined on the flight by Jake from Edge Composites and Chris from Niner Bikes. After a smooth, albeit long flight, we arrived in Zurich on Saturday morning at 7:30 and were met by Urs Rosenbaum, a journalist and bicycle industry veteran.

A quick trip the airport and we were met by Jann, our Swiss distributor, Frame of Mind. We assembled Hans and Franz in the parking lot, drank some coffee and headed off in search of cool bikes shops.

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