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120.9 MP 5Dmk4 Dual-Pixel RAW | by Kinematic Digit
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120.9 MP 5Dmk4 Dual-Pixel RAW

So, after some tweaking, and contemplating about the Dual-Pixel RAW file format, I was able to reprocess the image to increase the resolution to 120.9 MP. In this 800%/400% preview, the left is the CR2 file, while on the right is the 120.9 MP processed image.


Utilizing my proprietary Super Resolution Plus workflow, I was able to find discrete subpixel information to process and to bump up the resolution from the dual-pixel RAW files (this obviously wasn't what Canon intended of their dual-pixel technology, but it seemed like wasted data to me to just use on subtle micro focus correction or bokeh adjustments).


Obviously, this comes at the cost of huge files, a very slow workflow process (14 passes of processing alone), but proof of concept that I can certainly exploit the extra pixels of the dual-pixels for more resolution.


More testing to do, but for now, this teaser of the resolution increase I was able to get out of the 5Dmk4 files.


This is shot with the sharpest lens I have at the moment which is the new EF 24-105L mark II lens at 105mm F/8. Single-shot (not a multi-shot super resolution file).

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Uploaded on February 22, 2017