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random thoughts upon turning middle age | by kimprobable
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random thoughts upon turning middle age

1. taking self portraits is hard

2. we have no idea when we turn middle age.

3. i have the brain of a 16 year old

4. my back hurts

5. i still really like sleeping

6. i have no idea what i want to be when i grow up.

7. i think about money and "things" alot more than i used to.

8. i sit on the couch alot more than i used to.

9. i don't experience the highs and lows like i used to.

10. i'm secretly afraid i'm becoming dead inside.

11. i think i'm too lazy to live up to my fullest potential.

12. i secretly hope my fullest potential includes being a world champ sleeper.

13. when i walk into people's homes i notice the moldings, paint work and i can probably tell you where they bought their bathroom tile.

14. i have a lawyer and an accountant. that just doesn't seem right.

15. i have a free plane ticket that's about to expire and i can't use it. i can't tell you how unlike me that is and how much it bothers me.

16. if you'd told me two years ago i was going to be a wedding photographer i'd have laughed at you and then cried myself to sleep.

17. i love being a wedding photographer.

18. i still love my friends.

19. i miss joel and kristen a whole lot this week.

20. my parents still don't understand me.

21. i still have the brain of a 16 year old.

22. i want to do something important in my life.

23. sometimes i'm too tired to leave the house.

24. sometimes it scares me that a relationship is not even on my radar screen.

25. i think my soup has meat in it. dammit.

26. i don't have any other food.

27. i really hate grocery shopping

28. my list of places to go before i die is just about as long as the index in the back of an atlas.

29. i wish i had more time.

30. i would have more time if i wasn't such a procrastinator.

31. i am really scared i'm going to get tired of taking photos

32. i am really scared my body won't let me take photos at some point

33. i'm a very thoughtful person, i just don't act on it nearly enough

34. i really like the desert and i love the fact that i discovered that last year.

35. i don't wanna grow up


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Taken on December 6, 2007