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Vintage Booklet - Heian Military Ensemble :: Hairdressing in Vogue in Kyoto from End of Tokugawa to Beginning of Meiji :: Kamakura Boys Attire - Published Taisho 7 1918

Hairdressing in Vogue in Kyoto from the End of the Tokugawa Period to the Beginning of the Meiji Era (c. 1860).


The following are the forms of hairdressing that were in fashion in Kyoto from about the end of the Tokugawa period to the beginning of the last era. These models have been dressed by graduates and teachers of the Kyoto Hair-dressers' Institution, and exhibits their skill and ingenuity in the art. They are all shown at the "Ladies Exhibition" held in September of the 6th year of Taisho (1917) under the auspices of the Kyoto Educational Society to the admiration of the world. In respec to artistic skill, the hairdressing of the period is unparralled, and yet almost all of the forms are now-a-days forgotten, even their existence, and much less is remembered of the way of dressing. So we have here reproduced them with a view to giving some material of investigation to antiquaries and scholars at large, by the kindness of that Institution who has permidded us to take picture. We express our thanks and our sincere hope for the development and prosperity of that Institution.


The names of the styles and the suitable age of the girl and woman for them are given according to the order of pictures reading from the right to left.


First row - right to left

Tojin-mage (18 or 19)

Tsubushi-shimada (23 or 24)

Matsuba-chocho (24 or 25)


Second row - right to left

Okisa (21 or 22)

Shimada (18 or 19)

Tsubushi-shimada (24 or 25

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