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主婦之友 (shufunotomo) March 1933 - Kimono Remake (translated text)

主婦之友 supplement for March 1933 (Showa 8).


主婦之友 = Shufu no tomo = "Housewife's friend"


Many Thanks to Amayachan from the ImmortalGeisha message boards for translating this page!


"From a bright houmongi into more subdued fashionable inner layer of a kasane set.

By Yonekawa Asako.


Top caption: The houmongi has faded so it has been made into the inner layer of a kasane set.


Top left:

This was so faded it was unwearable, so it has been made into an old fashioned komon inner layer. The formality of the houmongi has become irrelevant because it is now seen as unfashionable in the moonlight. But layered as kasane, this should become an intensely fashionable dounuki.


Mid left:

Please consider: earthy colours are really popular with those approaching middle age, but in any case because the design is faded, you definitely cannot wear it as an outer layer. That is to say, go ahead and put an end to your shamelessness. If you had thought about redyeing it so that the inner layer and kasane matched, what of the labour and the cost of the dye? However it becomes something you can admire, when you try wearing it as an important layer.

This year’s (1933) fashion is to wear under a crested Iromuji.


Bottom right:

[TN: Edozuma (lit. Edo skirt) seems to be an archaic term for Tomesode.]


From a faded black Edozuma

To an easily made, more subdued Edozuma.

By Nishizaki Miyano


Here we also intend to inform everyone of the until now long awaited way to restore your old, splendid looking edozuma.

If you didn't know, without troubles you can make plenty of tasteful Edozuma, as we explain here.

So many years seem to have passed since it became faded so you couldn’t wear it. Firstly, the first step is to work persistently and without giving up to dye it as a black iromuji. As you do that, be careful to dilute it and avoid the cloud shapes.

Then paint the Hiougi (formal cypress folding fan) in gold and silver. You can try wearing a very wonderful, tasteful Edozuma like this.


You’ve realised, after some years, that the gold and silver have worn away and at length there is no trace of it. If this is the case, it can be embroidered. At last, the gold and silver seems to be saved, this time following the design embroider with gold and silver thread. Thus, the third step makes it increasingly a sufficiently tasteful Edozuma, which can already be worn continuously.

Please, use your own ideas to devise something good.


Caption: Secondly, a tastefully restored Edozuma. "

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