• both of these need frames
  • left space here because I would like to get a bigger tv
  • love this chair and pillow! - mizutamago

new picture wall

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So I had to switch around my floating shelves and make this wall the picture wall because the wall has no studs to hold up the shelves. Note: 2 of the pics are new and I have yet to get them framed so they are just up there with tape for the time being.

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  1. carriem 100 months ago | reply

    i adore all of these pictures -- can you tell me, what is the picture of the woman on the bottom, outlined in black? it looks very familiar to me.

  2. KMR's suburban adventure 100 months ago | reply

    Hehehe... i use some wallpaper for masking the old hole of the shelves fixation in my living. ;)

  3. kimhasfivecats 100 months ago | reply

    That pic of the woman was a present for my parent's 2nd anniversary in the 70's. It says "Rosamond" in the bottom right corner. There are comments from others about it on one of the other pics posted.

    kmr2069 - i actually patched up all the holes (for when i sell the house) but I don't do a good patch job so luckily the plan all along was to move the pics to that wall.

  4. cclark1440 99 months ago | reply

    it looks like the photo on the cover of joni mitchell's Blue

  5. kimhasfivecats 99 months ago | reply

    i'm gonna have to google that cclark1440

  6. ComAtHome 99 months ago | reply

    Interesting. l like the space for the big tv :))

  7. kimhasfivecats 99 months ago | reply

    :)....i like to plan ahead. although i think it'll be a while before a new tv enters this house....too many reno projects requiring $$$$.

  8. jeenmarie 98 months ago | reply

    Love your house. Warm and inviting. Very sad to see the orange go bye bye.Quick question: where did you find the Warhol prints? Esp. the art quote?

  9. kimhasfivecats 98 months ago | reply

    Thanks jm! Orange was not so nice in person. Believe me. Warhol prints like these are apparently now sold at Target (we don't have that up here - I bought at a local art/framing store).

  10. frillie designs 86 months ago | reply

    Fabulous! Your house is great! some really cool retro items - love it.

  11. kimhasfivecats 86 months ago | reply

    Thanks frillie designs. I no longer have that house but it was fun decorating it. Now I have a new house to start all over in. :)

  12. NiKONjess 83 months ago | reply


  13. Andrea Ro. 83 months ago | reply

    I'm in LOVE with your Warhol's prints.

  14. kimhasfivecats 83 months ago | reply

    Thanks! There's one more since this photo was taken. I have since moved and have yet to find a place for them.

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