red tea, red rug

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    1. drear2ta 105 months ago | reply

      Beautful image.

    2. Kim Denise 105 months ago | reply

      eduardo, you're fast! Thank you!

    3. AlliRose 105 months ago | reply

      How lovely! The way the light falls and the vivid colors make this such an eye-catching image. I want to curl up with a book next to this cup of tea. :)

    4. Kim Denise 105 months ago | reply

      why thank you! I'm quite fond of this one myself. I wish I had moved the light to put the shadow exactly opposite the handle, just for the sake of symmetry....but oh well, next time!

    5. tabrandt 105 months ago | reply

      Nice photofriday shot.

    6. Kim Denise 105 months ago | reply

      wow! I dodn't know anyone actually saw my photofriday submissions!

    7. rozy975 104 months ago | reply

      this is nice.

    8. tamelyn 103 months ago | reply

      Wow, Kim, this is gorgeous!!!

    9. Chocolate Quilt Mom 103 months ago | reply

      Kim, this is beautiful! I love the reds!

      Seen at Utata.

    10. ...kranich 103 months ago | reply

      lovely, kim. great reds, great textures.

      i too am moving! i have been packing and schlepping and cleaning (last night, that meant steam cleaning really icky rugs) for many weeks. this weekend is a big one; next saturday, the movers come for the heaviest furniture. i wish you much luck, and chances are, i feel your pain!

    11. Kim Denise 103 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Tamelyn, Lindsey and Kate! I haven't even looked at this one in ages.

      @Kate: good luck with your move. It's so stressful--but I keep focusng on the fact that at some point, it really will be done!

    12. drear2ta 103 months ago | reply

      Kate,you're here ? You know my secret now,i'm collecting beautifuls blondes as you and Kim.
      Sorry i can't resist.

    13. ...kranich 103 months ago | reply

      kim, i am focusing on the very same thing. it's what keeps me going!

      eduardo, i found the fabulous kim through the utata group. huh, i'm usually not called a blond, but my hair is becoming more like my mother's, and she is what one calls "strawberry blond."

      a wonderful weekend to both of you! kim, hang in there!!

    14. drear2ta 103 months ago | reply

      don't worry Kate, you're still in the collection,another secret ,brunnette are allowed also.

    15. Jen's Photography 102 months ago | reply

      It's absolutely foolish how some "color" in a rug: CAN MAKE ME WANT TO DRINK SOME TEA?! Ha-ha! So "seasonal" looking!*

    16. nailbender 102 months ago | reply

      Everything comes together beautifully in this shot.....color, pattern and light are all wonderful!

    17. B G 102 months ago | reply

      Great shot!

      Seen in a discussion thread of the Challenge you group.

    18. Sharlini 101 months ago | reply

      Congratulations, Kim! Your photo is a

      Seen in a discussion at *Challenge You*. (?)

    19. FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves 98 months ago | reply

      Simplicity in all its beauty! Well done!

      Thanks for sharing your Circle in a Square with the 24 Hour Thread.
      The World Through My Eyes.

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