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The panel from the talk about the future of science fiction, from the perspective of science fiction graphic artists.


From left to right:

The moderator, Mézières, Christin, Wheatley, Barbucci, Canepa and the translator


Søn 12:00-13:00 - Er science fiction-tegneserien et fortidslevn?


I live-blogged the event from my mobile on Jaiku (in Danish) using my wondeful E65, and this image was live-Flickrd as well - talk about science fiction, I sort of live it, not only at home, but mostly on the road! It might form the basis of a full blogpost, but here's my first thoughts.


It was an extremely interesting talk, the only thing I found annoying was, that no questions were taken from to audience, 2-3 would have sufficed.


Oh well, the moderator did a good job.


It was amazing to hear Barbucci talk about growing up with classic science fiction, especially Asimov, and a mother that believed that the Egyptians were space men, this is the foundation W.i.t.c.h. is build on.


Christin's point about science fiction thrives when utopian though has good conditions was spot on, and utopian ideas is not exactly something that is rampant in our "Bush present".


The conclusion could be that sciene fiction is a relic, at least when it comes to technology, everything seems to become science fact, even some rather outrageous ideas, within few years. This supposedly, has made Gibson stop writing science fiction, and was also one of the reasons Star Trek Enterprise was a prequel, they were fed up thinking up fantastic new technology.


It is a shame, that the visionaries have stopped dreaming about future technology, because the technology we have today is a result of the visions from science fiction: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of.


OTOH the point was made that "our" soldiers since "Desert Storm", has become cyborgs.


Now that science fiction has become science fact, at least when it comes to the military, and we've become "The Borg", it's time to resist, we've lowered our shields and our culture is adapting, but hey look around, Vanløse Kulturhus was an explosion of creative energy, and the wonderful building is funded by the City of Copenhagen.


So dear science fiction writers, stop dreaming about technology, imagine the other worlds. This was summed up by Canepa's comment that no one cared about the discovery of possible fossile life in a rock from Mars.


I believe that the future of mankind is that we'll discover life on other worlds within 50 years, probably sooner, and as I suggested in my blog post after Arthur Clarke passed away, the scientists need to read up on his works, because he seemed to understand ET.


This is exactly what science fiction writers should do, start imagining how humanity will change after this discovery, even though Clarke and Sagan did wonderful jobs, there's still lots of ideas to explore.


Resistance isn't futile, conformity and isolation is the enemy, even though we've already lowered "our shields".


BTW: Mézières doesn't like drawing glass and steel buildings, and a friend confirmed that that it is true that drawing glass is very difficult (hey I even tried it many years ago, when I was in high school, and I remember how difficult it was).


THANKS to the organisers of this MASSIVE event, "LIVE LONG AND PROSPER".

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Taken on June 1, 2008