Eureka! @ The Living Theatre
It was a great run...
Oct. 1 to Nov. 9, 2008

Based on the prose-poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Photo credit: Jocelyn Gonzales

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"The Living Theatre wants nothing less than to rewrite the theatrical contract. Viewers can no longer remain passive spectators hidden in the dark. There is no fourth wall, so they must become participants...that means helping out with a mighty task: creating the universe...There is no proscenium arch in the theater, and only a few seats lined against a wall. For the first 20 minutes or so, “Eureka!” could almost be an art installation...Then the performers guide audience members into a huddled clump, which trembles before coming apart with a loud noise. Voilà: the Big Bang...The unflappably earnest performers direct the audience members’ actions by whispers and by example...language is used minimally...and certain questions linger: How do we think about the theatrical experience when we’re participants?...But a clear point floats above the physical action: “You are the answer,” someone says. If creation is continuous, and we’re part of it, we can change things. This is where Ms. Malina’s heart seems to lie...Poe dedicated “Eureka” to the “dreamers and those who put faith in dreams.” Perhaps it’s here that his poem finds its most fertile common ground with the Living Theatre’s utopianism. - Rachel Saltz, THE NEW YORK TIMES

The Living Theatre began its 2008-2009 season with the limited run of Judith Malina and Hanon Reznikov's Eureka!, based on an Edgar Allan Poe essay about the origin of the Universe.

The production was directed by Judith Malina and featured an original score by Patrick Grant. The Assistant Director was Brad Burgess. Set & Lighting Designer was Gary Brackett, Technical Direction was by Evan True. Choreography was by Gene Ardor.
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