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Pops my hero! | by Kim Taylor Hull
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Pops my hero!

It's been several days since I've seen chick 3. He had become pretty aggressive toward Chick 1 which is a good thing. But I would have expected more aggression from 1 toward 3.


Chick 3 had literally prevented Chick 1 from returning to the nest for a fish drop a week ago. 1 tried to land but 3 lunged and made it move. Something I don't think would have played out from last years nest!


It was about this time last year that Jr. Osprey spread his wings and left the area for good.


I am guessing like Jr, 3 is in the area but doing what young Osprey's should be doing. ... Testing their mettle and fishing -preparing for migration. I am hoping to see 3 one more time, but you never know. He could be half way to South America by now.


To sum up 3.... He's got spunk! Lots of spunk!


Now for the tough love part. Chick 1 is still going to the nest for fish. Tuesday (August 25, 2009) was difficult for me to watch and hear. 1 in the area of the nest called out, and called for Pops and maybe 3 for all I know. For about 6 hours off and on 1 called, flew, went to the nest, back to the tree, and no Pops. No fish. I didn't see 1 try to fish for itself. Now because it didn't get an afternoon fish doesn't mean it didn't have one earlier in the day.


But I really expected 1 to have stretched out territory wise and not 3. This means we've come to the tough love portion of our program. Pops is trying to withhold fish so 1 will fish. I know 1 can fish as can 3. Maybe not as efficiently has Pops or Ma, but not bad for young Osprey.


Today was better for 1. It called less, but waited around for fish. Pops, god bless him, delivered. Thanks Pops. 1 flew to a tree to eat and later returned to the nest then back to the tree.


It won't be long now before Pops goes and hopefully 1 will make its way as well. Hard to believe that during the middle of May they hatched. Middle of July fledged. Now they'll be heading south soon. What joy these birds bring to me.


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Taken on August 26, 2009