The Plastics
(( )) With a gritty reputation that was arguably equaled only by Guns N' Roses, The Plastic's infamous antics made them a force to be reckoned with in the '80s. As one of the first and most influential hair metal bands of the '80s, The Plastics had a series of hit albums, the biggest and most noteworthy being 1989's "Ignorance of the Robot Bear". The band continued to court controversy into the next decade, even when their recording career took a downturn through a series of well-publicized mishaps and run-ins with the law. The Plastic's beginning can be traced back to 1981, when bassist/vocalist Nikki Sixx (born Kevin Alban) and drummer Brad "Tommy Lee" Reiter decided to leave the bands they were in at the time and pursue a new project together. Bob "Ryan Flynn" Deal was hired to play guitar/vocalist. The band went through several name changes before Reiter presented them with The Plastics, recalling a time when his previous band was described as a "motley looking crew." After agreeing on this name and altering the spelling somewhat, the newly formed group began to play at local clubs and soon became cult favorites, known for their unique stage theatrics.
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