Batch of remade snus cameras

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    went and redid my pinholes, for a finer smaller pinhole(in the hopes of getting a bit better image.), also upgraded the magnets
    here are 6 ready to deploy!

    1. Adam Jarmon Brown 48 months ago | reply

      What are you doing exactly with these? I find it utterly fascinating.

    2. killbox 48 months ago | reply

      Been doing blueprint paper photography in them. sofar ive mostly been trying to judge what can be done, and how long it will take, the first one had a fine sized pinhole let it go for 5 days, and it was a little dark, so i redid it and 3 others with a bigger pinhole, and set them up for 6 days. (one got yoinked) but the other 3 came out, i now have 6, im just kinda sticking them around places and seeing what comes out.

    3. killbox 48 months ago | reply

      I think i will do a small talk on this and my other diazo paper experiments at the next Quelab event (4/30/2011) 2pm-6pm

    4. snowgrygon 48 months ago | reply recommends accupuncture needles for smaller holes.

    5. killbox 48 months ago | reply

      nod, there is a limit to how small one really wants to go, especially with paper which is probably effectively ISO of less than 0.5 at best. my first one was pretty teeny, used only the tip of a small sewing needle, and some sanding of the bump, picture came out pretty dark after 6 days, so i decided to see how bigger pinholes were, i decided those cut the exposure time down to less than 5 days but at the cost of crispness. back to smaller pinholes i went, and will leave them the full week. and see.

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