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Word Up! I once again find myself lurking through the third world where most of you travelers won’t go to. Yea I said it, even if you had the means to do so motherfuckers. Like Chino Xl said, Battling me is like Africa…Yeah niggaz talk about it, but they don’t really wanna go there. While everyone is going to France, Spain or Italy, me and my wonderful wife decided to take it to another level and hit up the majestic land of Senegal.

I never understood why Africa was so slept on by most foreign travelers. I guess most people are concerned about their comfort and security. I’m not saying that Africa ain’t safe, I mean, humans fear things they don’t know about. Why else iz they still going back to Cancun and Cuba every year??? As far as I can see, they just want their cozy comfort. Let me tell you, I’m basically doing the same shit like you. I’m eating good, hanging by the beach and guzzling beers from sunrise to sunset, I just happen do it elsewhere, more exclusively of course. You’ll never know if you never go. Now, with that being said, Ima take yall to the grimy streets of Dakar, capital of Senegal.

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Taken on April 2, 2011