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    vatnajökull glacier (the end of one of its many tongues). it is very hard to make the look sexy especially when covered with ash but I really like this image despite the crud. this makes me think of meringue.

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    1. helmut the horrible 43 months ago | reply

      I hope you have one from a bit closer, the pattern on the soot-covered ice looks so interesting. Now here is for a climate enigma: Big volcanic eruptions cool down the climate. Black soot on the surface makes ice melt faster. So we can have cooler climate, and retreating glaciers at the same time.

    2. helveticaneue 43 months ago | reply

      this is all the closer I got - from the road with a 300mm lens! my companion is nervous about the Ice Age.

    3. Sexy Swedish Babe 43 months ago | reply

      brrrr ... the ice age!

    4. Bjorn again 43 months ago | reply

      Thought you were tired of summer and all that!

    5. helmut the horrible 43 months ago | reply

      Yes, Ice Age: as long as the "climate scientists" cannot convincingly explain what caused the Ice Ages, and what stopped them, how can we believe anything else they claim?

      Back in the fifties, we learned that the glaciers were retreating. No reasons given. Then came the ice age scare: we were close to the beginning of one. Then came the University of East Anglia, and associated "climate science" which is the word they use to describe their unscientific claims about us being the culprits. It is all an irrational belief system.

    6. Sexy Swedish Babe 43 months ago | reply

      I can not entirely explain the ice age phobia I had as a kid - but some of it still remains. As a kid I was afraid of volcanos and of the ice age. I had no proper reason to be (I mean, I was also afraid of wars and evil kids/people, and that is a more logical threat).

      Interesting though - our world was basically created from fire and ice. Volcanoes and glaciers. Maybe I have some very old DNA spooking me out?

      Also, it is interesting with ice age phobia, because moving ice, in the shape of a glacier, it is one of the most nature/landscape/life altering that nature has. Earthquakes and tsunamis are powerful ... but a glacier IS more destructive in force. A slow moving destruction. Think about that and be afraid, very afraid.

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