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    © Laura Kicey

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    1. Deckard@tyrell.corp 119 months ago | reply

      Nice composition, Laura. Urban grey/blues with a little red tuch...

    2. mezone 119 months ago | reply;re right about the compo. on this...the red compliments so well......i see i as forshadowing of good things to come....

      ms. put me back in the big house...

    3. Deckard@tyrell.corp 119 months ago | reply

      This big house sounds like a punishment... Is it some jail for photographers ? ;-)

    4. mezone 119 months ago | reply

      it can be whateva you want it to be.. i use it as a metaphor.......

      this art make has taken me to a place where my child-self wants to be.. it triggers something inside where things take place.. inspiration...dedication...observation and what i have/want/desire ( in so many different ways) is there for me...that's my big can be sad in there can be can be all depends on what i see.....

      ms. neue is an artist..not a photographer....and i feel what she expresses....and that's where it puts me...

      in the big house......

      what do you feel......? what does anyone that passes through here?

      let's cross the bridge.


    5. Project 404 119 months ago | reply

      Bloody hell Laura!

    6. Deckard@tyrell.corp 119 months ago | reply

      How wrong I was, Daniel ! Thanks for explaining me this. I think that I have some big house somewhere, too. I just have to paint it with new colors. From this point of view, Diana put me often in the Big House ;)

    7. helveticaneue 119 months ago | reply

      Deckard, I'm sure Daniel would let you stay in his spare bedroom whilst your big house is getting a fresh coat.

      404: I feel like everytime you speak, I may have to perform the heimlich as whatever you are drinking will cause you to choke. Especially now.

      Thank you all!

    8. Project 404 119 months ago | reply

      I was just staggered by your remarkable curvy photograph.

    9. helveticaneue 119 months ago | reply

      Timothy you tart!

    10. Project 404 119 months ago | reply

      I call them as I see em' sweetheart.

    11. helveticaneue 119 months ago | reply

      you force my hand.... must retitle.

    12. Yaronimus Maximus 119 months ago | reply

      reminds me of an (art) installation about the israely occupation in the west bank i saw in a museum. in a big space were large concrete blocks, and on the floor were tire marks. you were free to walk between the blocks, so it was quite powerfull..

      there's something very powerfull in concrete that i love.

    13. Mike Babcock 119 months ago | reply

      May I suggest 'voluptuous'? Very beautiful.

    14. jks2007 98 months ago | reply


    15. msphotomid 95 months ago | reply

      loving the blue and red tones.

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