Home-Based Care in Lilongwe -- Innocence

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    One day we went with a team of Malawians who do HBC (Home-Based Care) for those suffering from AIDS. This woman who was faithful to her husband, but is now HIV positive because of him, had been beaten by her husband the night before. It just breaks your heart.

    1. Studio 87 113 months ago | reply

      Having HIV is not enough that she gets beatened up by her husband? I don't know what to say. I feel so sorry for her.
      How did you ask her if you can take a picture of her?

    2. khym54 113 months ago | reply

      The Malawians we were with served as interpreters.

    3. rachel sian 110 months ago | reply

      I've seen this photo a few times now, but every time it breaks my heart. Having been to Malawi and experienced the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS simply gives this photo even more meaning that it already conveys.

    4. khym54 110 months ago | reply

      I am leaving for Malawi on April 29. I have two teams going -- one of 14 and oneof 7. The first team will be helping with Home Based Care for AIDS patients. The other team will be looking at opportunities for community development -- business, agriculture, public health, medical work, prevention, etc. HIV/AIDS is not an isolated problem, and so we need to work side-by-side with Africans to transform communities and deal with the issue holistically.

    5. khym54 110 months ago | reply

      Here in the Phoenix area I was involved in organizing the event described in the following link:

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