WA-NT Border
In 1921 the WA and SA government astronomers determined the WA/NT border on the ground using radio time signals, which then, was a new technology. At this point in time the earth had not been thoroughly measured and these determinations were at the forefront of that movement, to find where the degrees of the compass lay, by fixed positions.

In 1927 the Kimberley Obelisk was erected by the WA Lands and Surveys Department to officially mark the WA/NT border (129 degrees east), on the ground.

A line run north and south to the 26th parallel, through a cross marked in a copper plug, embedded into the top centre of the Kimberley Obelisk, officially marks the WA/NT border on the ground, although due to early inaccuracies, the 129th Meridian is actually some distance west of this point.

This point on the border also marks part of the Argyle Downs/Rosewood Station boundary.

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