Pilot Farm Set
This set is about the Ord River Pilot Farm, established by an act of the WA Parliament in 1960, The Northern Developments Act.

This first was to test the viability of commercial farming on the Ord and would start before work began on the Diversion Dam and three years before the allocation of the first farms.

It was run by the company working at Camballin, who formed a new arm of the company called, Northern Developments, Ord River Pty. Ltd. and was managed by Ron Kinsey, who came up from Camballin to begin work.

Ron's first accommodation here was in a tent.

Most of these images are from the Cyril Ion Collection (View ALL) - Cyril Ion was an Engineering Surveyor for the Public Works Department, who surveyed Kununurra and the Ord River Irrigation Area with his crew. Images from 1959 to 1963. or View the Dennis O'Brien Collection 2011 (To Date)
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