4/52: My Pet Peeve

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    I have so many.

    One of them is 24 hour news and the inanity it broadcasts across the political spectrum. You just can't talk that long without scrambling for things to say, and eventually something really dumb will come out.

    Which is why it really irritates me that, since Tuesday, I've been glued to various 24 hour outlets watching the demonstrations in Egypt. I spent my junior year of college at the American University in Cairo, and I've been engaged in a love affair with the country and its people ever since. I'm scheduled to go again in March (fingers crossed), and the thought of being able to visit a free country for the first time fills me with hope.

    تحيا مصر!
    Long live Egypt!

    1. .avina. 73 months ago | reply

      Nicely illustrated point.

      It's my belief that the advent of 24 hour news was the downfall of proper journalism. In the era of constant news, objectivity and facts get swept aside to make room for network agendas and sensationalism. It whips people into a frenzy by its uniformed, irresponsible and often biased reporting which causes unrest and feeds the fears of the uninformed. My two cents and my pet peeve as well.

    2. cgullz 73 months ago | reply

      excellent peeve, agreed!

    3. Al Jazeera English 73 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your criticism and this image, which we will be using (and giving you proper attribution, naturally).

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