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    1. Steve Bucknell [deleted] 25 months ago | reply

      Looks quite human. Reminds me of someone. Ah, looks like me!
      Don't let Damien HIrst see this!

    2. conceptvessel 25 months ago | reply

      oh, duncan!! your beautiful portrait makes me wish very hard that this cow, and others at the farm, are well-cared for and happy. i bought irish butter last week for the first time, and the (advertised) happiness of the cows was one major selling point. once i tasted the butter, i realized that i had found something very special indeed.

    3. Bijan1351 25 months ago | reply

      :)) Nice close up!

    4. Khnum-hotep 25 months ago | reply

      Brigitte: Merci :)

      Steve: I suppose it could be a bull. I didn't get to inspect
      the nether quarters. Forasmuch as the sheep get left
      outside all winter but the cows stay in the shed, I think
      I would opt to come back as a cow, next time (or at
      least a bull). Though the other day I was thinking that
      a mallard's life looks rather jolly. And if one did get
      shot down, well, one would not know much about it...

      Jeanne: Happy cows may, of course, be a marketing
      ploy to make you buy the butter. I don't suppose the
      cows in Ireland are any happier or less happy than
      the cows anywhere else. And even the happy butter
      cows will end up in somebody's burger... But, yes, I
      think you are right in saying that the butter itself is
      very good!

      Bijan: Mamnoon!

    5. Khnum-hotep 25 months ago | reply

      Marie-Helene: Tous les vaches vous disent "Bonjour"

    6. Derek_Custer 25 months ago | reply

      Great shot. Congratulations on Explore :)

      Via Today's Explore at #398 on Fluidr

    7. GinoDecubber (The rest is just greenery.) 25 months ago | reply

      Exactly how much kharma is needed for a sure-fire bovine rebirth? Any stats (or spells) available, Duncan? (I think I can easily squeeze all the quacking I'll ever do into this life...)

    8. Sprengben [why not get a friend] 25 months ago | reply

      I am glad I have seen your beautiful shot! It really deserves Explore.
      A good Friday to you!

    9. DirkVandeVelde "on and off" 25 months ago | reply

      Outstanding picture !! Congratulations on Explore !!!!!
      Happy Easter !

    10. alamme 25 months ago | reply

      There's some attitude. Cool shot.

    11. Maria Emanuela 25 months ago | reply

      Lovely portrait of a cow!
      And now I am going to have a nice piece of bread with a thick layer of butter on it to honour this cow!

    12. Khnum-hotep 25 months ago | reply

      Derek: Thank you.

      Eva: Thank you.

      Gino: I have a spell for transforming yourself into a swallow.
      Will that do? And an all-purpose spell for turning yourself
      into anything you like.

      dreamer@desh: Thank you.

      Ben: Thank you.

      Dirk: Thank you.

      alamme: Thank you.

      Terence: Thank you.

      Maaike: I would rather eat the chocolate than
      have butter on the bread. However, she thanks
      you for honouring her.

    13. bonksie61 25 months ago | reply

      You are invited to add this image to :

      If it isn't, please tag your photo "Yabbadabbadoo"

    14. jasontakesphotos 25 months ago | reply

      Ha! So cute! How do we murder these lovable creatures?

    15. zPRIME 25 months ago | reply

      Great mug!

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