Portrait of Wisdom

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    Explore #291 on 23Jan07.

    Wisdom ... can be found in a garden ... in the street ... in a beard full of white hairs ...
    in that heart that's hiding under the dusty uniform ... in that head that's covered to protect it's wisdom ...

    HDR from a single RAW ...

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    1. Khaled A.K 88 months ago | reply

      don't care about that DjNasser, some ppl just hate the new methods of developing photos ... :D they still wanna get inside that dark room with all those lamps .... it's their right ... :D

      BTW : Not only PHOTOSHOP was used in here guyha @ haoneg.com, I used 4 Softwares to develop this photo :D

    2. MaJestic Farfella™ 88 months ago | reply

      a gr8 shot .. his eyes say it all .. well done with the editing

    3. deletted [deleted] 88 months ago | reply

      Khaled , i understand that it is difficult to say good-bye to one's lifetime hobby and there is no arguing that.

      but for me, photoshop has increased my commitment to photography (amateur that is he he)

      guyha has a point, too.

    4. Khaled A.K 88 months ago | reply

      DjNasser I like the way u think, it increased my commitment,too :) and sure the man got a point :D

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    5. AlQataria♣ 88 months ago | reply

      روعه الكلمات
      بس حسيت شوي ملامح في وجهه اخفاها
      الـ hdr
      بس .. صورة روعه
      و يعطيك العافيه

    6. Khaled A.K 88 months ago | reply

      AlQataria ♣ Thanx Sis :)

    7. davidlepnyc 88 months ago | reply

      If I can add to this thread, I've been using a film carmera up till just last month and finally bought a decent digital SLR. For the last 2 or 3 years I ended up having all the negatives scanned anyway just so I could tweak them in applications like Photoshop. The results have been dramatic. I think you see a lot of comic book results with HDR because it is new. 5 years from now people will tire of that kind of look.

      HDR, Orton, etc are all options. I think everyone should experiment with new technologies to try them out. If you like the look great, if not, move on. The key is to keep your options open.

      One final word, HDR in applications like Photomatix is all about control. There are several sider bars. Nobody has to push that stupid thing all the way to the right to 100%. That's probably just inexperience or lack of self control. Time will tell...

      By the way, I almost forgot, great photograph, through whatever processes you arrived at the result.

    8. Khaled A.K 88 months ago | reply

      davidlepnyc sure it's an addition to the thread ... I don't hate the old stuff like film or so ... I started with a Yashica film camera ... I was shooting whatever ... but it seems like I'm more into digital art ...

      I also got so many fine art to look at, but we can not let somebody who hates the technology say Yuck in front of all the tech fans ! that's not democracy at all :D

      by the way I don't mind anybody saying whatever in his mind, coz I know we r all artists in here and that's a positive sign to discuss all of these things in public ... that's what I lack in here !

      thanx davidlepnyc ... thank u very much for the precious comment :)

    9. janusz l 88 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called *Little stories-pics with "soul"*, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      I'm not huge fun of HDR, but it truly works here . Very good image - very well done ....

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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      This is an excellent photo! I invite you to insert it in the group
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    10. Joey D. Smith 88 months ago | reply

      i think you overuse HDR, but they are interesting, jsut maybe you should think about not useing so much HDR?

    11. scurvesahead 88 months ago | reply

      Well, in my humble opinion, This pic works well in the HDR used. It accents the harshness of his life, and makes a more poignant statement. But that's me! Judi in S.M.,Ca.

    12. Hot Oyster Photography 88 months ago | reply

      Cracking shot, excellent treatment

    13. Khaled A.K 87 months ago | reply

      Thanx guys :)

      http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/scout.php (?)

    14. maswan 87 months ago | reply

      beautiful portrait...great tone...

      It's amazing works on HDR used... especially because you used 1 single RAW... coz It's hard for me to make something like this...it always makes a lot of noise... :P

    15. billy sarsam 64 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Gardener, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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