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    It looks big but is only 3"x3", which is why the pattern of the watercolor paper is visible. A friend asked his friends and family to provide pictures of skulls that they felt best represented them and he is going to get a half sleeve tattoo of them. I watercolored a skull I made from combining things from 3 pictures taken of skulls that are in the Paris Catacombs, which we went to when we were in France.

    If you don't know what the Paris Catacombs are, check it out, it's really cool.

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    1. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      I think B&W works best. It will be put on my back so it it going to be rather big, like myself. It can be scarred a bit by fighting its opponents.
      The nickname GReatWhiteSHark came about when on vacation in Yemen where I was hunting very annoying birds. My friend saw me with the gun and said, Oh my the great white shark is about to strike...... that's how.

    2. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      Wait the grwsh text can be big or what? Where do you want the grwsh, right in the middle or where?

      OHHH duh about where grwsh came from.

      Haha very annoying birds.

    3. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      Oops no text on my back just the image of the shark. Yes the birds were annoying, the kept me I borrowed a gun......sounds ridiculous no?

    4. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      Cool. I have two paintings/drawings before that but they will be easy and finished within a week then I will work on the shark.

    5. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      I am absolutely over the moon, couldn't be more thankful.

    6. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      Yay! That's awesome. I'm excited to do it, I like drawing animals and haven't in a long time.

    7. acshepard [deleted] 76 months ago | reply

      You know what be cool? Tinkerbell riding the GWS like a rodeo bull -OR- Tinkerbell being eaten by the GWS.

    8. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      No way Tinkerbell is going to be eaten by that monster.......
      I'm excited too k8, it will be a unique tattoo, no one else in the world will have one.

    9. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      HAHAHAHA. On the Tinkerbell discussion. Yee-Haw! She has a lasso. I can totally see her leaping through the air like the seal on Planet Earth getting chomped.

      Glad you're excited!

    10. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      I'm wondering if the leap will work on a tattoo, I watch Miami Ink on the discovery channel and these guys are very critical about designs coming from customers. What do you reckon K8? It looks so awesome when a fish that size launches itself from its normal habitat. That's the metaphor i'm looking for. The impossibility to restrain me.

    11. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      Yeah, a lot of tattooists are critical of that but to me that is stupid. I mean you are paying them for a service, you want what you want. Just because it comes from someone else's design doesn't mean that they are more talented than you. I mean someone drawing something on paper, you can erase parts and redo things. A tattoo, you can't, and it's on something that moves, so to me the tattooist trumps whoever made the drawing. But anyway, I guess everyone is different and each tattooist is going to have their preferences. It's weird to me that they would not like a drawing if they want to design it themselves, but that they would do let's say a portrait off of a picture. I mean isn't that the same? Someone else other than them composed each one..

      Here's my thought: either you have something the tattooist is willing to do, or you don't. If you find someone that you really like to do it and they have the talent, it will come out great. If they don't use the design of someone that drew it, then say you really like the drawing and the tattoo, well then you have two things you like and not just one.

    12. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      Well, let me put it this way, the guys from Miami ink have very good reasons to have doubts sometimes. Soem people want too much detail and some things simply don't work with tattoos. But I have the faith that all will work out just fine.

    13. Kate Shepard 76 months ago | reply

      Oh, I should have clarified: I'm not talking about denying things for details or because they don't make sense, I totally understand that. I'm specifically referring to when they (or any tattooist) says that they don't like doing tattoos of things people bring them in that exact design because it isn't theirs/they haven't made it their own. Which of course is their choice. And many tattooists aren't this way.

    14. grwsh.marcel 76 months ago | reply

      But in that case I would definitely go to another tattoo shop. It is my money and it is what I want painted into my skin.

    15. grwsh.marcel 74 months ago | reply

      YooHoo K8 where are U????

    16. Gloel 70 months ago | reply

      It's an awesome drawing, well done!

    17. mystiquepai 67 months ago | reply

      this is awesome.

    18. Emi Fujimoto 62 months ago | reply

      fantastic work! :D

    19. basatot 44 months ago | reply

      Love your shading!! great job!

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